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4 Embedded Properties - Reference Documentation


Version: 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT

4 Embedded Properties

Embedded properties are handled in a special way by the f:field and f:all tags. If the property attribute you pass to f:field is an embedded property then the tag recursively renders each individual property of the embedded class with a surrounding fieldset . For example if you have a Person class with a name property and an Address embedded class with street , city and country properties <f:field bean="person" property="address"> will effectively do this:

<fieldset class="embedded address">
    <f:field bean="person" property="address.street"/>
    <f:field bean="person" property="address.city"/>
    <f:field bean="person" property="address.country"/>

You can customize how embedded properties are surrounded by providing a layout at grails-app/views/layouts/_fields/embedded.gsp which will override the default layout provided by the plugin.

When you use the f:all tag it will automatically handle embedded properties in this way.