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7 Performance - Reference Documentation


Version: 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT

7 Performance

In order to be performant, the Fields plugin caches field template lookup results by default. This makes it possible to perform the time-consuming template path resolutions only once during the runtime of the application.

When template caching is active, only the first page renderings are slow, subsequent ones are fast.

Due to the flexibility needed during template development, this feature can be disabled so it would be possible to recognize newly added field templates without restarting the application. As a result, with bigger webpages, containing a lot of fields, rendering may be fairly slow in development (depending on the number of fields on the page).

For template development, the following configuration attribute should be placed in the development environment section of your application's Config.groovy:

grails.plugin.fields.disableLookupCache = true

After the template development has finished, it is recommended to re-enable the template lookup cache in order to have a performant page rendering even during development.