(Quick Reference)



f:display renders a property for display. If there is no _displayWrapper template in scope the tag will simply render the property value.

f:display template will look for a _displayWrapper for the wrapper itself and a _displayWidget for the widget used inside the wrapper template.

If the f:display tag has a body its output is used as the value passed as the value model to the _display template. If there is no body then the 'raw' property value is passed to g:fieldValue , g:formatDate or g:formatBoolean depending on its type and the result is passed as the value model to the _display template.

In version 1.5 new attributes were added: Since then you can specify the folders where the templates are located. You can do this for the wrapper folder, the widget folder ot both (if they are located on the same folder).


<f:display bean="person"/>

<f:display bean="person" displayStyle="table"/>

<f:display bean="person" property="name"/>

// renders _fields/bootstrap3/_displayWrapper.gsp: <f:display bean="person" property="name" wrapper="bootstrap3"/>

// renders _fields/maskedInput/_displayWidget.gsp: <f:display bean="person" property="name" widget="maskedInput"/>

// renders _fields/maskedInput/_displayWrapper.gsp and _fields/maskedInput/_displayWidget.gsp: <f:display bean="person" property="name" templates="maskedInput"/>

<f:display bean="person" property="dateOfBirth"> <g:formatDate format="dd MMM yyyy" date="${value}"/> </f:display>


beanyes if not inside f:with The bean whose property is being rendered. This can be the object itself or the name of a page-scope variable.
property The path to the property. This can include any level of nesting and numeric or string indexes. For example employees[0].address[home].street is a valid path. If absent, all properties will be displayed.
value Overrides the actual value of the property.
default A default value for the property that will be used if the actual property value is falsy .
label Overrides the field label passed to the template. This value may either be an i18n key or a literal string.
displayStyle When specified and different from the string default , this tag will try to use a _display-${displayStyle} template with a _display template as fallback. displayStyle="table" will render embedded components by default with toString() in stead of rendering all nested properties.

Any additional attributes are passed to the rendered template.