(Quick Reference)



f:table renders some or all properties of a collection of beans in a table. If there is no _display template in scope the tag will simply render the property values.


<f:table collection="personList"/>

<f:table collection="personList" properties="['firstName', 'lastName']"/>

<f:table collection="catsAndDogsList" domainClass="org.zoo.Animal"/>


collectionyesThe collection of beans to be displayed
domainClass The FQN of the domain class of the elements in the collection. Defaults to the class of the first element in the collection.
properties The list of properties to be shown (table columns). Defaults to the first 7 (or less) properties of the domain class ordered by the domain class' constraints.
displayStyle Determines the display template used for the bean's properties. Defaults to table , meaning that _display-table templates will be used when available.

Any additional attributes are passed to the rendered template.